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(Mixed)tape "USB" Cassette" Local Pickup

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Brand: Richy Smart

*This product does not contain an Instagram Reel mix.

**Digital download product is final. No refund or returns.

Exclusive USB Cassette Tape!

Introducing the LIMITED EDITION "(Mixed)tape USB Cassette" - a blend of nostalgia and modern technology. Instead of magnetic tape, it houses a USB interface, allowing you to view and play the digital music files. The (Mixed)tape USB Cassette is not mass-produced, which gives you a unique experience of Richy Smart's music style and creativity. We handcrafted each unit in-house, ensuring the quality and a personal touch. Richy Smart has crafted, curated, and produced every piece of content on this USB cassette.

This release includes 90 HOURS of mixes! Filled with mixes that are not available anywhere! The following are some of the items included.

  • Born Into The 90s Series - 10 (mixed)tapes ranging from 1990 - 1999
  • Rickey Smiley Weekend Jumpoff Mixes - All my mixes from the syndicated show
  • Velour Amor Series - 5 (mixed)tapes paying homage to the early 2000s
  • The Beat Mixes - Over 100 On-Air mixes
  • Richy Smart - COACHELLA Set (2022)
  • Richy Smart - Nothing But Kanye Set (2017)
  • Richy Smart - R&B Basement Party Mix (2023)
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